You can help with Fundraising for Exercisabilities programs in one easy step on Facebook

RAF Grant for new Pediatric Program
Ten Thousand dollar grant received from Rochester Area Foundation

You can help to fundraise for EA with a few easy steps on Facebook!  Start today!

  • Do you have a Facebook account?
  • Have you liked @exercisabilities on Facebook?
  • Have you wondered how you could help join in on helping EA with fundraising efforts to support our programs and help to grow our scholarship program, but not sure how?
  • We have the easy fundraising answer – a facebook fundraiser

Here’s the scoop

Facebook has created a new program to assist nonprofits to raise fee-free money and to assist friends of nonprofits to assist with peer to peer efforts. Here is how you can help.

On your phone: Below the donate tab, there are tabs that read home, about, etc. that scroll from right to left.  Scroll to the end to find FUNDRAISERS tab and click.  Follow the instructions.

On Computer:  You will find the fundraisers tab on the left on the main page.  Click and follow instructions.

The instructions are very easy, you can write a story of why you want to help EA, select contacts who you think will like to donate, and ask them to share your post.

Donating is so easy for your contacts!  They can use a credit card and all funds go straight into our bank account without any fees from Facebook!  This is the best fee free fundraising that you can do to help EA reach our nonprofit goals of access to ALL!  Thank you for considering assisting in our fundraising efforts at EA!  You can help us make a big difference in many lives!

Rock for Recovery Gala 2017

We’re just DAYS away from our Rock for Recovery Gala Fundraiser and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got our Rock-N-Roll costumes ready and we’ll be dancing through the rock eras, after we eat of course!

We’re hoping you can twist and shout the night away with us next Friday, November 10, 2017. If only every fundraiser could be this fun! Our rockin evening starts at 6:00 PM and tickets can still be purchased at RockForRecovery

Last year was a HIT!

Why a Fundraiser?

“But WHY?”, you ask? Why does Exercisabilities need to do a fundraiser? Good question!

The answer is in our mission statement: At Exercisabilities, we bring physical rehabilitation, health, wellness, and recreation programming to everyone, despite any need for adaptation, physical help or financial assistance to achieve safe, active, fun and effective recovery from any medical illness or physical impairment.

Such beautiful wordsdespite any need for adaptation, physical help or financial assistance. That’s what we’re about. Providing the adaptation equipment and staff regardless of a client’s insurance coverage for their rehabilitation. Insurance runs out all too soon for many of our clients.

It Takes a TEAM

We’re happy that we’re not in this alone! We have dedicated staff, often multiple staff members per client are needed.

Everyday Heroes

Our true heroes are our clients. We provide the staff, the equipment, the workout room and customized rehabilitation programs. Our clients provide the hard work, the determination, pure grit. They are amazing!

A Little Help from Our Friends

We’ve got the place, the staff, the programs and equipment. Our clients have the willpower, guts and determination. We’re looking to you, our friends, to help with some of the expenses.

Please consider joining us Friday, November 10, 2017 at the Somerby Golf Community Clubhouse from 6:00PM – 9:00PM. There will be dinner, raffle tickets, a silent auction, music and dancing.

Tickets can be purchased ASAP on our website:

Can’t make it to the Gala? Please consider a donation. We are now a 501c non-profit organization. Donate here.

We hope to see you soon. THANK YOU! Rock on.

Rock for Recovery Fundraiser 2017 (10)