Family Fun Adventure Day is just 4 days away!

ExercisABILITIES biggest fundraiser of the year is on August 25th, 2018!  This adventure filled, family friendly event is fully accessible for all ages and abilities to join the fun.  Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch offers many opportunities for Exercisabilities and you, our friends, to explore nature and live a bit on the wild side while getting a little exercise and maybe even trying something new!  Our peer to peer format allows you to create your own fundraising goal and then share it with friends and family.  Write your story of why EA is so important to you and then share it on email and social media.  In addition, you can also start a Facebook fundraiser and those funds will also go toward your fundraising goal.  There will be many great prizes for top fundraisers.  All proceeds go to support our many programs and services at EA.

Did you know we are a 501c3 organization and depend on raised funds to keep all of our program as low cost as possible and accessible to all financial abilities?

Can you help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 at this event??

Check out our fun filled day of activities! ALL activities are fully ACCESSIBLE for all!  Register prior to Aug 15th and get a free T-shirt!

$25.00 per person or $50 max per family (kids are free!).  Register at the event from 9:00AM to 9:30 AM.

Schedule of events:

9:00 Registration

9:30 Family Fun Run, Walk and Roll

10:15-11:15 Horseback Riding

10:00-1:00 Yard Games

10:00-1:00 Petting Zoo

10:00-11:30 Mini Golf tournament

11-1 Kids Carnival

11:00-12:30 Picnic Lunch

11:30 Program, Prizes and Raffle drawings

12:00-2:00 S’mores


12:00-2:00 Laser Tag

12:00-1:30 Zip Line

Registration available at the event.


Annual Physical Therapy Senior Check Ups: A Recommendation for Everyone

Time for a Check-up!

Prevention, wellness, and disease management have moved into the forefront of health over the past decade as research continues to show the significant benefits of lifestyle changes on health. Lifestyle changes, including increased physical activity, can lead to health benefits in those with chronic disease, prevent or manage a number of noncommunicable diseases, and lead to an increased quality of life.

Medical Fitness at ExercisAbilitiesDr. Daniel Millrood, PT, EdM and Charlette Chua, PT, DPT have been practicing, teaching, and promoting research that focuses on preventative health care, injury prevention, health promotion, physical fitness, and wellness for more than 3 decades.

They site that “it is almost incomprehensible that despite ongoing advances in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and information technologies, the current health care system in the United States is failing. The United states spends more per capita on health care than any other nation. Yet, the incidence and/or cost of managing obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis (OA), and cancer are enormous.”

They suggest that “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2011 may or may not have been the answer, but the triple aims of health care reform—focusing on cost, access, and quality of care—are solid. A system that emphasizes preventative, patient-centered care, provided and managed by a multidisciplinary team of providers that includes physical therapists (PTs) as specialists on movement and function, is a solution that would allow our health care system to cost-effectively maximize the amazing resources we have at our fingertips.”

The APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) envisions physical therapists as primary-point practitioners in the preventative health care arena. Millrood and Chua site that physical therapists often treat individuals after disease and/or injury has already affected patients and their families.

It has become increasingly clear that a more preventative approach allowing the “skilled physical therapist services prior to the onset of injury, disease, and illness, including intervention and patient education, could prevent unwanted suffering and loss of quality of life that results from a lack of physical fitness.”

This realization led to the development of a physical therapy-based adult fitness examination.

It’s time for your Physical Therapy Check-up

An annual assessment with a physical therapist is used to determine health status and identify health risks of individuals in their community.

Client Benefits: Physical therapists have the education, experience, and expertise necessary to provide a broad health screening to allow tracking the patient’s health status over time. It may also lead to necessary, more in depth, physical therapy assessment and treatment plan or to referral to another health care professional for potential problems identified during the checkup.

In 2012, Millrood and Chua produced the Adult Fitness Examination (AFE) which is a comprehensive, noninvasive, evidence-based physical therapy approach to assessing the fitness of asymptomatic adults. It incorporates fitness components of musculoskeletal alignment, balance, range of motion and manual muscle testing that are not addressed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The AFE measures functional performance and uses common physical therapy test and measures. The AFE can be used to monitor wellness outcomes over time and promotes interdisciplinary communication regarding adult fitness.

Thus, even asymptomatic or “healthy” individuals are strongly encouraged to have an annual PT check-up. Individuals that have functional limitations or disabilities are encouraged for an annual therapist assessment at a minimum to optimize needed safe and effective exercise capabilities and benefits. Therapists can help guide individuals to safe and effective exercise programs, assist in finding resources for community health and wellness classes, medical fitness classes and/or adaptive classes and programs available in your area.

Physical activity is a powerful intervention, as evidenced by the numerous studies showing its relationship to morbidity and mortality in well populations as well as populations with functional limitations, impairments, or disabilities. Perhaps most importantly, physically active adults report greater quality of life and enhanced productivity at work and with leisure activities. An Adult Fitness Examination or annual PT checkup by physical therapist can help direct individuals on a pathway of health and wellness, help keep them on track, and assist with prevention of future disease risk. Schedule yours today!

Resource: Millrood, D., & Chua, C. (2012). Adult fitness examination: A physical therapy approach. Alexandria, VA: American Physical Therapy Association.

Lisa Bailey PT  is a physical therapist at Exercisabilities.  She specialized in senior fall prevention, aquatic therapy, and many of adult and senior therapy topics.

ExercisAbilities Inc.

You can help with Fundraising for Exercisabilities programs in one easy step on Facebook

RAF Grant for new Pediatric Program
Ten Thousand dollar grant received from Rochester Area Foundation

You can help to fundraise for EA with a few easy steps on Facebook!  Start today!

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  • We have the easy fundraising answer – a facebook fundraiser

Here’s the scoop

Facebook has created a new program to assist nonprofits to raise fee-free money and to assist friends of nonprofits to assist with peer to peer efforts. Here is how you can help.

On your phone: Below the donate tab, there are tabs that read home, about, etc. that scroll from right to left.  Scroll to the end to find FUNDRAISERS tab and click.  Follow the instructions.

On Computer:  You will find the fundraisers tab on the left on the main page.  Click and follow instructions.

The instructions are very easy, you can write a story of why you want to help EA, select contacts who you think will like to donate, and ask them to share your post.

Donating is so easy for your contacts!  They can use a credit card and all funds go straight into our bank account without any fees from Facebook!  This is the best fee free fundraising that you can do to help EA reach our nonprofit goals of access to ALL!  Thank you for considering assisting in our fundraising efforts at EA!  You can help us make a big difference in many lives!

Why is Exercisabilities a 501c3 nonprofit?

Many times a week I get asked, “why did you become a nonprofit?”  I usually say, “because we are here to care for people, and it made sense to do that as a nonprofit.”  Although, admittedly, the answer is quite broader than that.  And, maybe the question is much deeper than that.

What does being a nonprofit business mean?  Well, society usually has many different answers to this.  Factually, a 501c3 public charity is generally defined by the IRS as an organization which receives a substantial portion of its revenue from the general public or from government and has a mission that provides needed services for the good of the public.   One of the most distinct provisions unique to Section 501(c)(3) organizations is the tax deductibility of donations. 26 U.S.C. § 170, provides a deduction, for federal income tax purposes, for some donors who make charitable contributions to most types of 501(c)(3) organizations[2]. Also, many states allow 501(c)(3) organizations to be exempt from sales tax on purchases, as well as exemption from property taxes.  Although the IRS and the state of MN declare that a public charity should receive a substantial amount of revenue from public and government funding, the exact percentage amount is not defined.  In fact, it is strongly encouraged that nonprofit organizations think of themselves as a business with responsible financial management and establish income streams related to their nonprofit mission (income dollars not related to their mission may be taxable according to state and federal law) such as sliding scale fees.  At the end of the day, nonprofit’s have expenses just like any other for profit business.  Payroll, rent, administrative costs, heat, air, snow removal are all expenses that are not always worthy of donation or grant support but a reality for any organization that needs to be paid if they want to keep the doors open.  It is very important to remember that without funds to cover these real operational costs, your favorite nonprofit would not exist.  For more on this, watch this TEd Talks by Dan Pallotta.  It is a very compelling talk that will change your donor mindset forever.

As for Exercisabilities and the decision to become a nonprofit, making money for profit in the medical industry comes with many financial and ethical considerations.  First,  it is true that we seek reimbursement for all of our services.  First and foremost, we must keep the doors open and operationally must collect an income.  This reimbursement comes from many different sources including medical insurance, private payments (especially considering deductibles and co-insurances), or the county and state of MN waiver program. It took nearly $1,000,000 in 2016 just to keep the lights on and the staff paid well enough to be competitive in the work force.   For those of you who know, we did amazing work in 2016.  It would have been impossible to raise $1,000,000 without seeking reimbursement.  However, what does our reimbursement look like?  We run about 60%-70% Medicare/Medicaid casemix.  For those of you in the medical industry, this is very high.  Our Medicare reimbursement is at cost meaning that we get paid exactly what it costs us.  MN medicaid pays us $10 below our cost of providing care.  This means that we hare often receiving just at or below our cost to deliver care.  This = no profit.  But, it is enough to keep our doors open and do what we do well every day.  But, does it allow us enough to do any charity work.  No.

So why do we need donations to support our mission? There is a gap.  There is a huge gap.  There are people like R.J.  She has chronic pain.  It is debilitating and severe.  She has worked to improve it for years.  She is working hard to stay off narcotics and to live a socially fulfilling life, as well as earn a living at a job.  She has tried everything.  But what she has found works best is a great combination of gentle exercise, meditation and relaxation activities, and regular PT visits to work on many aspects of her pain both physically and cognitively.  Jared has helped her considerably to overcome her pain and return to work.  One day, her insurance said that they would no longer pay for her PT or provide any reimbursement for exercise classes – what has worked.  Without PT and access to affordable exercise instruction or equipment, she regressed.  She could no longer go to work, and no longer make a livable wage.  This is the gap that we see time and time again.  How can we help one person at a time return to a life without pain, with better mobility, with the ability to walk again. The stories could go on for days.  BW had a stroke in his cervical (neck) spinal cord at age of 58.  He was preparing to retire from a life of laboring hard at work, successful at both work and family.  He was single and his kids are all grown and moved away.  He was left as a 6 foot 8 inch tall quadriplegic.  He had some ability to move his legs, but not enough to stand or walk given his tall frame.  His arms were left unusable.  He had to move to a care home, get a power wheelchair that he could propel with his chin, and just sit there.  He became stiff and pain filled his body as the staff were unable to provide enough physical or social outlets for him to move.  He no longer qualified for Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy as he was now on Medicaid and all his savings depleted to zero.  There were no reimbursement for him, he was stuck.  One day, he found EA!  We worked to get BW out of his house and into an environment that he could move and exercise.  His pain went away and he could work on activities out of his wheelchair that made him move.  He loved it!  He got stronger and was better able to tolerate sitting all day.  He wanted to come to EA everyday.  We have been able to shift him to the Forever strong program now and he atleast comes 2 days a week.  With our fundraising efforts, we hope to get him to us more.  We got him out of the gap and feeling a part of his community again. He is healthier and happier.

What do we need to keep filling the gap?  Our Forever Strong Program is the answer.  Once our participants are done with what their insurance or therapists say is the end of their skilled, reimbursed PT/OT, they need another step.  A next phase where they keep coming and getting stronger, more socially interactive, and can learn to maintain their high physical level that was gained in PT or OT.  If they stop, they will certainly lose everything that they gained.  If they continue, our results show that they are healthier, happier, and better able to participate in their community without falls and hospitalizations.  This can save our local medical system millions of dollars in health care costs.  The Forever Strong Program can potentially partially funded by the county waiver program through the state of Minnesota.  In 2016, we became a 245D licensed facility so that we could help our participants access these funds. Thanks to this, we have started serving 31 individuals through this partially funded program, and the rest of our cost has been supported through our generous donors and grants.  In 2017 Q1-Q3, we served 31 individuals multiple times per week. However, we were only able to provide a portion of their recommended frequency due to needing to manage inadequate donation amounts to fully support the program.  The great news is that we provided 32 hours per week and provided $260/week of donated funding which equaled $14,000!  This is a great start for our first year!  Unfortunately, we currently have a huge list and are not fully providing the amounts that are recommended by the physician and therapist due to not reaching our fundraising goals yet.  Our goal is to provide for 100 clients in our forever strong program who fall into this gap of no reimbursement and poverty level financial status.  This will require nearly $300,000 per year in fundraising efforts in order to meet our goal.  How can you help?  Become a friend, attend our fundraiser, share the word about the great work that we are doing.

Attend our November Fundraiser or donate today!  We look forward to seeing you on November 10, 2017 at Somerby Golf Course at 6PM for Rock for Recovery.  Also, look for our online silent auction and participate even if you cannot attend the gala!

Exercisabilities is hiring!

Job Description: Physical Therapist/PT Assistant May 25, 2017

Exercisabilities, Inc is a progressive, young, and growing nonprofit practice in Rochester, MN.
Exercisabilites, Inc is a physical therapy and medical fitness facility with a unique model of
blending physical therapy with medical fitness to service special populations including
neurologic disorders, geriatrics, and chronic pain management for all ages. We also offer
aquatic therapy, group exercise and specialized personal training, NRN based neurologic recovery for SCI and brain injury, PWR! parkinson’s exercise, and a falls prevention program.

We are looking for a PT or PTA for a temporary position part-time 15-20 hours per week to cover a 12 – week maternity leave starting in July, 2017. This position could have future potential for permanent employment following the temporary assignment.

As a team member at Exercisabilities, Inc, you will:

– Work as a team with the exercise staff in transitioning patients to our exercise programs.
– Be a participating member of the physical therapy team
– Accurately and thoroughly document patient care findings
– Maintain high level of professional conduct maintaining confidentiality and excellent patient care.
– Demonstrate continuous improvement seeking new knowledge to both advance your career
goals as well as your quality of professional interventions and interactions through many
avenues of learning with journal readings, education sessions, and asking questions of peers
both in and out of work time.

– Degree from an accredited Physical Therapy or PTA School with active MN License
– Previous 2 years experience with geriatrics, neurologic, outpatient orthopedic, and/or aquatic therapy desired or internship at Exercisabilities
– Strong interest in working with many different diagnoses in a community based setting.
– Good organizational skills
– Ability to work as a team
– Communication skills that include receiving feedback well, being open to direction and advice
to change treatment plan, and active listening skills
– motivation to improve current skills and learn new skills that may not be current mainstream
physical therapy approaches but are research and evidence based
– Ability to be motivating and positive to all clients of all ages and abilities
– Confidence in clinical skills and independence

Please apply at Exercisabilities, Inc or