S.A.F.E Assessment at ExercisAbilities

ExercisAbilities is all about helping you stay healthy and fit in a safe manner adjusted to your level of ability. Afterall, what’s safe for someone recovering from a stroke is quite different from what’s safe for someone recovery from a traumatic brain injury! That’s why we’ve developed an assessment tool to match you to the fitness programs that are best suited for your level of physical and cognitive ability.

Physical Therapy at ExercisAbilities

First Things First — Physical and Cognitive Ability Assessment

One of the first things we do with each client is called the S.A.F.E Assessment. Our trained staff will meet with each new client and utilize our S.A.F.E. Assessment tool to determine your physical and cognitive abilities.  This information is used to determine which level of classes and care are best suited to your specific needs. Staff will then direct you to the correct programs for your ability level. The program will be:

S = Safe

A = Active

F = Fun

E = Effective

Or as we say, S.A.F.E!

Staff will determine what activities and care are best suited to be effective for your long-term care.  Some of the stuff you need to do to stay fit and healthy isn’t really fun. It’s sometimes rather painful, isn’t it? We know this is true and so our staff tries to make things as fun as we can for you so you’ll enjoy your program.

S.A.F.E Assessment Levels

After your one-on-one S.A.F.E Assessment, staff will assign you to one of four different ability levels. You may start in one level but progress to a different level over time.

LEVEL 1 – Needs assistance of up to 2 people to get on and off equipment safely. Needs assistance for the entire session for safety with balance, strength or cognition. Cannot participate safely in open gym or any group sessions. Requires one-on-one assistance at all times for safety and effectiveness of session.

LEVEL 2 – Needs assistance of one person to get on and off equipment. Cannot follow instructions or speed of large group class, needs modifications. Can participate safely in a 1 Staff/4 client ratio or 1 staff/2 client class ratio. Is okay on equipment if there is a staff or supervisor in the immediate area.

LEVEL 3 – May use a walker or need supervision with transferring on and off equipment. Okay to be alone on equipment. May need modification in large group class such as a chair. Can follow instructions in large group.

OPEN Level – No assistance required. Safe to exercise alone with normal large group exercise program participation.

Medical Fitness for Everyone!

 Our SAFE Assessment Tool allows us to have safe fitness programs for everyone, at every ability level. A client who is mobile and wanting help managing their pre-diabetes is likely going to be assessed the OPEN Level and enrolled in our LEARN TO BE FIT Exercise and Diet Program. However, we can also serve a client who has almost no mobility, LEVEL 1, with our adaptive equipment and customized fitness sessions.

Whatever your needs, whatever your ability, ExercisAbilities will help you prepare to improve your health and fitness.

Call us at 507-259-7570 or stop by our offices at 2530 N. Broadway in Rochester MN to schedule your own SAFE Assessment.


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