Signs of a Heart Attack

Mackenzie Distad, EP-C, BS 

ACSM  Certified Exercise Physiologist/Exercise Specialist

It’s Heart Month at ExercisAbilities and across the USA, a month dedicated to raising awareness about heart health. There are all kinds of heart related health topics we’ll be discussing but one of the most urgent is how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack.

The symptoms of a heart attack are different for each person, so they can be difficult to distinguish. Someone having a heart attack may experience one, none, or all of these symptoms. The signs and symptoms also differ between men and women.  While heart attacks occur most frequently in our older population, they can happen to anyone, at any age so don’t ignore these signs just because you are “too young”. It is important to pay attention to your body and act fast.

Common symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Pain, pressure or tightness in the chest

  • Numbness or tingling in the back, arm, neck or jaw

  • Shortness of breath at rest

  • Lightheadedness, nausea/vomiting

  • Cold sweat

If you or anyone you see/know is experiencing symptoms, call 911 immediately. Every minute matters with a heart attack so do not delay, even if you are doubtful you are having a heart attack.

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