Medical Fitness Month – January 2018

January is Medical Fitness Month at Exercisabilities and we are excited to help you reach your 2018 fitness goals.

Here’s the obvious question: What is Medical Fitness and how does it differ from the rest of the fitness industry?

We’ve got the answer!

Commercial fitness programs and gyms sometimes focus on the physical appearance and fun more than the actual health of the client. Have you ever seen a bulked out, steroid induced muscle man roaming the free weight area of your gym? Mr. Muscles is an example of looking fit, but he may not be healthy.

Medical Fitness

Exercisabilities works with you to develop a healthy lifestyle
A New You – Healthy Living

Medical Fitness concentrates on an integrated health program which may include healthcare services, dieticians, mental wellness and physical fitness. Medical Fitness Centers, such as Exercisabilities, often work side-by side with your rehabilitation specialist and medical provider to determine what type of fitness program you need. We strive to determine your current fitness level, your abilities and your lifestyle so we can direct you to the right fitness program. Our goal for you is health and wellness.

Fitness for You

So you’ve been a couch potato the last 20 years? Where do you even get started with an exercise program? Well, it’s not the same place as Mr. Muscles would start! You and he both need some wellness advice specifically tailored to your needs.


Exercisabilities Medical Fitness
New a new start to healthy living?

Perhaps you suffer from Parkinson Disease, had a heart attack, or have experienced a stroke. Of course, your fitness program is going to be a bit unique and tailored for your abilities and medical needs.  At Exercisabilities, our exercise specialists are specially trained to work with a variety of medical complications and diagnosis.  They also work side by side with our physical and occupational therapists to insure programs are safe and effective.



Fitness Classes and Programs

As we focus on Medical Fitness this month we invite you to look at a few of our classes and programs. Our Learn To Be Fit class is perfect for someone new to the entire idea of fitness. If commercial gyms intimidate you or if you just don’t know how to get started, then Learn To Be Fit is for you. In addition, our exercise specialist staff are available for one on one sessions to design the perfect program for you.

Exercisabilities offers Stroke Fitness courses for those who have suffered a stroke and a Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!) program.  Exercisabilities also offers several longer-term fitness programs such as the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) designed to help prediabetic clients learn to eat well and exercise on a regular basis.  We also host a program called ABILITY which focuses on health and fitness for those who have suffered a spinal cord or brain injury.

Exercisabilities Exercise Specialists
Exercise Therapy

2018 Fitness Goals

We know you have at least one New Year’s Resolution related to fitness! Why not give us a call (507-259-7570) or visit our website to see how we can partner with you this year as you strive to be medically fit. We will get you started with a FREE initial evaluation by one of our exercise specialists to assess your abilities to get started on your path to a healthy life!

While Medical Fitness is just one of the many things we do at Exercisabilities, it is one we are very proud of as it can have a profound and significant impact on your health.  As we like to say, “We’re not happy unless you’re healthy.”

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