Brain/Stroke Rehab


A stroke (CVA) of any kind is a devastating life change.  Clients that have had a stroke go through extensive initial rehabilitation.  When this time in the rehabilitation unit is complete, most CVA clients are left to wonder, where do I go next to continue my recovery?

At Exercisabilities, we believe that most client following CVA, no matter if you acquired the brain injury 3 months ago or 6 years ago, have the great potential to regain sensation, balance, and the ability to walk alone.   This recovery is not predictable however, strong research exists to support that it occurs only through intensive, and specific activity based therapies.  We offer both specialized neurologic physical therapy as well as our ABILITY program which is a unique program of rehabilitation delivered by trained exercise specialist in a private payment model.  We closely follow the research and protocols of the Neuro-recovery Network (NRN)   from the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation .  Our staff are extensively trained in using these protocols which may include:


  • Locomotor training – Using a body weight support system over a treadmill and trainers to move the legs and hips
  • Vibration therapy – A vibration platform that we can use the body weight support system or free stand to elicit improved sensation and neurologic stimulation
  • Overground therapy – A set of exercises and activities designed to improve the basic movements required for function including sitting, leaning, transferring, and standing
  • Guided exercise – A time to focus on strength components that are important to you as an individual
  • Neurologic physical therapy – A trained therapist will guide you through high level skills including overground walking, pilates reformer, mat and floor exercises, yoga based therapies, and more
  • Bioness – Functional Electrical Stimulation, FES, for gait pattern recovery
  •  RT 300 – FES in a bike ride.  The RT300 can also be used for FES off the bike for sit to stands, arm strengthening, and squats for example
  •  Cardiovascular endurance exercise – Aerobic exercise has been shown to be extremely beneficial to the recovery of the neurologic system and most clients with disability have low levels of aerobic activity
  •  Injury prevention/pain management – We use myofascial release, movement disorder reeducation, and kinesiotaping to work with painful joint or improve flexibility to limit injury

Our ABILITY  program is designed to be similarly matched to the ABLE program at Courage Kenney in Golden Valley as well as Project WALK.  We feel that our program is even more unique in the addition of neurologic physical therapy that is potentially paid for by insurances with private pay options with the exercise specialist team.  This allows the high level of research recommended intensity of 3 hours per day, 3 days a week for the activity based therapy with some support by insurance.  In addition, the benefits of having the program involve a physical therapist are many.  Give us a call today to find out about this SCI recovery program and realize your recovery potential.