Learn to Be Fit: A Diabetes Prevention Program

Learn to Be Fit

You Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes 

86 Million American Adults have prediabetes
You could be one of them.

Exercisabilities is Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with a  Proven Program called the DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program)

Lose up to 7% of your current weight while learning to how to change your lifestyle to support better eating, become more active, and get improved health reports!

“Small changes can add up to a big difference,” added Laurie Brengman, Dietitian and DPP Lifestyle coach at Exercisabilities. “Working with a trained lifestyle coach who provides guidance, DPP participants are making lasting changes together.”

Program Director: Laurie Brengman, RD/LN
Classes starts April 9, 2018

To register, go to wellconnectsemn.org
26 sessions over 1 year. This is a research program. Regular attendance is required as well as a goal attainment of 5% weight loss in the first 6 months.
Free access to exercise equipment through gym pass 2 days per week from 5-6 for the first 6 months. Learn to be fit class 5-6 PM each Monday and Wednesday staffed with an exercise specialist for circuit strength and cardio training instruction.
$20/class or $520 for the entire session


Insurance may pay for the full program. Medicaid and Ucare will cover the cost of the program if you meet the following criteria:

18 years or older

No previous diagnosis of diabetes

BMI > 24 (22 if asian) (example 5’8” and greater than 170 lbs)
At least one of the following in the past year (need a copy of the Lab report on file)\

  • HbA1C: 5.7% – 6.4%
  • Fasting plasma glucose 100-125 mg/dL
  • 2 hour plasma glucose (after a 75 gm glucose load): 140-19 mg/dL
  • Previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes


TAKE THE TEST  to see if you qualify.

No Physician referral required – You may self-refer

Download a pdf giving you more information on how to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program.

See www.cdc.gov/ndpp  for more information.


Check out this website for more information!

Participant Testimonial at the Exercisabilities Program 2017:

When I first heard about this program, I was hesitant due to the gym workouts in a group setting.  I have joined gyms in the past and I have never felt comfortable in that environment.  I reluctantly signed up and it turned out to be a great decision.  Not only have I benefited from the sessions with Dietician (at times Life Coach), Laurie; but I have found a place that I feel comfortable working out.  I have learned how to read a food label, make heathier choices and ways to cope with work and life stress without stuffing food in my face. 

The DPP has helped me lose 30 pounds and 6 inches so far; however, I am the proudest of my increased stamina over these last months.  At my 3-month assessment, my heart rate at the end of 10 minutes on the treadmill was lower than after 2 minutes when I started.  In general I feel so much better.  I would recommend this program (in fact I have in two cases in the last few weeks) to friends and co-workers.  The DPP program is providing me with tools to keep working on improving my health through diet and exercise.