Senior Fall Prevention

Senior Fall Prevention


Falls are not a normal part of aging.  Research shows that decreased activity level, weakening strength from increased sitting and less walking, and decreasing balance reactions from both of these lead to falls.  This research also shows that regular exercise, keeping active and moving, and specific strengthening and balance exercises can significantly reduce the effects of falls.  The CDC supports participation in regular activity, physical therapy, and evidence based exercise classes such as SAIL to improve balance as we age and prevent falls.

The APTA recommends that all people over the age of 60 should have a regular physical therapy assessment or evaluation to assure that they are doing the right type of exercise and activity to assure that falls do not become a problem.  Physical Therapists are movement experts and are also trained in assessing and treating many of the medical conditions that often accompany aging such as arthritis, pain, reduced balance, as well as diseases such has diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, and many others.  Medicare also allows beneficiaries to get a physical therapy evaluation when needed without a physician referral.  To self refer and get your annual check up,  Call Exercisabilities today at 507-259-7570.

Our Exercise Specialists are also experts in working with ongoing fitness and wellness needs of seniors.  They are also well trained in working with any pain, condition, or disability that you may have.  Our exercise equipment and classes are all 100% accessible and our exercise team will teach you safe use of all equipment.  You can either schedule a 1 on 1 session to work with a Trainer or attend one of our many classes.  Eventually, you may also come in and access our equipment and gym with our gym pass.  Call for pricing.

Also, we offer an evidence based class for senior wellness that is focused on preventing falls called SAIL.  We have both silver sneakers and silver and fit, so you may be able to attend the class for free if you have either of these medicare secondary insurance benefits.


This is more than just and exercise and balance class! It is
research based and overseen by a physical therapist.fall pict

What a great way to stay active, healthy, fit and living your optimal lifestyle in your current living environment!

It includes a baseline fitness check administered initially and at intervals during class cycles. There are educational Topics discussed each class.

SAIL exercise class is a strength, balance, and fitness class which meets 2-3 times/ week for one hour. It includes aerobics, balance exercises, and strength training with wrist and ankle weights, and stretching.

Classes are led by certified physical therapists or fitness instructors who have training specific to leading SAIL classes for older adults.  They run in 10 week sessions.  Call to find out when our next session begins!

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