Our Clients

Our Clients are our Why!  We exist for their goals and dreams to live a healthy and active life!


My husband frequently struggles with back pain because his stroke over 22 years ago causes him to walk asymmetrically. A recent episode of debilitating pain kept him in bed much of two months, and he found little relief from narcotics and a cortisone injection. However, a PT at ExcercisABILITIES relieved most of his pain within an hour of therapy. Since then she has helped Don strengthen muscles he didn’t realize he could control. His walk is improving, his pain is now minimal, he is out and about again, and he again has hope. Wow!
Rosella Kvernen


Melanie and her staff believe whole heartedly that continuing physical therapy can benefit people with all kinds of physical disabilities. I have seen positive results and have great hope for further gains through my work with ExercisAbilities.

Lori Colwill


I have watched my mother improve in strength and spirit under the weekly guidance of Melanie Brennan. Her firm but gentle nudges along with a true understanding of aging and physical activity make Melanie great. Melanie has greatly improved my mother quality of life over the past couple of years; not bad for a woman born in 1920.”

Bill – Physician and son of 90 year old client living in assisted living apartment with severe osteoporosis, poor balance, heart disease


Melanie Brennan’s therapy sessions have greatly improved my mom’s independence and confidence. Melanie’s sessions have given my mom the ability to be mobile on her own; without it she would have pretty much been wheelchair bound. The therapy has built her strength, balance and confidence.

Mom looks forward to her sessions and Melanie is patient but firm; a combination that is key, I think, in working with strokes.”

Kathy – daughter of client who had a stroke and is living in an assisted living apartment