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Instructor Sara Atkinson, E-RYT

Sara took her first Yoga class in 2006, looking for some stress-relief and relaxation, and came away with that and much more. The transformative seeds were planted and the roots grew quickly and deep. From then on, she has taught, practiced and trained as often as possible while raising two children on her own. In 2009, Sara and her friend/business partner opened Breathe Yoga Studios in Rochester, serving the community for over 7 years with classes, workshops and internationally-renowned Yoga teachers.

Sara is an Experienced 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with over 10 years of teaching experience, and continues to study yoga and life with great teachers and leaders. Her primary teacher and mentor, Max Strom, continues to be a source of guidance, inspiration and friendship, in her teaching, practice and in her life. Sara enjoys teaching all levels of students, and working with people who are committed to self-exploration and choose to live intentionally.  Her classes focus on breath-based yoga movement, to elicit deep feeling, healing and personal growth. She teaches with great attention to detail, and from a heartfelt and deeply intuitive place.

Sara studied Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science in college.  She is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and has been a personal chef, preparing weekly meals for individuals and families.  She also studied Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage as a compliment to her yoga teaching, and to deepen her experience with the energetics of yoga and bodywork.

Class Descriptions:

Integral Yoga:  Integral Yoga works with the whole person, addressing tension and healing in the body, and awareness in the mind and heart. The class includes elements of Pranayama (breath work), Vinyasa (moving with breath), Yin and Restorative Yoga.  All are welcome

Yin Yoga: An embodied meditation practice.  There are two principles that differentiate yin practice from more yang approaches to yoga: holding poses for at least several minutes and stretching the connective tissue around a joint. With or without the support of props, our intention goes to relaxing muscles around the more dense connective tissues we wish to stretch.  In general, a yin approach works to promote flexibility in areas often perceived as nonmalleable, especially the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

Yoga for Emotional Balance:  This class aims to address the emotional toll of Stress, Anxiety & Depression, through supported, relaxed positions that create passive stretching, also known as Restorative Yoga.  Guided breathing practices will be offered as well, to further the relaxation response.

Yoga for Back Care & Core Strength:  These two go hand-in-hand.  As the central part of our body, our core is part of both upper body and lower body movement.  We will work on strength and stability, freedom from discomfort, and ease of movement.

Breathwork & Yoga for Pain Management:  The body, mind & emotions are not separate.  They deeply affect one another.  If we have pain, we tend to unconsciously carry or hold our self in certain ways to avoid pain, which can lead to imbalance and discomfort in other areas, and the inability to truly relax, which is essential to the health of our nervous system, and our overall state of well-being.  Breathing practices and gentle movement for anyone experiencing pain.

Yoga for Neck, Shoulders & Back:  Neck, shoulder & back pain often comes from an interesting combination of tightness and weakness.  We will stretch and strengthen these areas in this class.

Yoga for Better Balance:  We all know that our balance changes as we age, but did you know that we can also improve balance at any age?  Tested techniques to help us balance while standing, sitting, on uneven or unsteady surfaces.